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Monday, 12 January 2009

Could your weight cost you your job?

Unless you're a professional canoe tester you may well have already dismissed the title of this post.

Hold your horses and listen up.

I was doing some research over the weekend into how keeping fit and healthy can help entrepreneurs and business people.

What I found didn't completely shock me as I guess I knew this already but I felt I HAD to share it with you.

Some people may get upset, some may panic.

I'm not in the business of making friends by being nice and telling you what you want to hear!

I'm in the business of changing lives through health and fitness and I happen to specialize in fat loss. That's how I make and keep friends who hang on my every word! I like it that way, it works.

Please don't panic though. Just sit and think about this.

Then please, please act if it applies to you.



Sharon said...

You are so right. People may like to think (like the person who said they were "just fine" 3 stone overweight) that weight is not an issue, but it is. Not only at work but in all areas of life.

In work in particular though, I know for a fact there are some jobs I'd like to apply for/get, but even if I got the interview based on my CV, once they met me they'd choose someone slimmer and more attractive.

It's just a fact of life, obesity - whether we like it or not - is to most people a sign of slobbery or laziness, and even if they don't think that in particular, they will still go for the more attractive normal-sized person.

But better to think of it this way - isn't it MUCH better to be at a healthy weight for yourself and for your own health and so you can enjoy life more and feel much better, regardless of your job prospects... but just for YOU!

Jon Le Tocq, Storm Force Fitness said...

So true Sharon!

I agreed with the lady in that she can be very happy in herself but I don't accept that she couldn't lead a much more fulfilling life if she was 3 stones lighter!

I think some people have never experienced a vibrant healthy life so they think they are happy but don't realise what could be!

All I can do is keep plugging away!


Anonymous said...

This is an unrelated question (or is it?!): how do I measure body fat, in percentage terms? Thanks!

Jon Le Tocq, Storm Force Fitness said...

Best way to measure body fat (for people who can't afford £20,000 Dexa scan machines) is to get some callipers - Accumeasure is what I use!

Fallibility said...

Without wishing to deny the benefits of weight loss (which would be churlish, given I've lost 40kg so far - now I've figured out exercise is the trick, thanks to various medical issues), a lot of the problem with this is the attitude of the individual applying for the job, not necessarily that of the potential employer. I appreciate this isn't a universal constant, but (because, hey, who needs spare time?) I occasionally work with a charity that provides help for people trying to get back into work, it does appear that self-confidence/attitude is critical.

For reference, at (currently) about 30kg overweight, I'm a female lawyer in the City earning enough that the Government is going up my tax rate soon, I represent my profession on commercial and government bodies, I lecture at universities and at professional events worldwide and have appeared on television (and get invited back to speak again) and I have no problems winning clients. And all that was true at 40 kg heavier. I've also changed firms a couple of times along the way, so it's not just that I work for a particularly enlightened firm.

Attitude. It's got a lot more to do with winning a job than your weight: if you go in thinking that they won't take you because of your weight, it'll almost always be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

This is not a suggestion not to lose weight, but don't miss out on the job opportunities while you're doing it, ok?