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Saturday, 9 May 2009

The boredom of fat loss

Is anyone else bored of ‘build muscle, burn fat’ training?

Having spent the week training on the beaches of Thailand whilst on a fitness masterminding event, it struck me once again that the ‘build muscle, burn fat’ training programs which have infected the internet are well off-track.

I don’t want to mention specific programs but if you’ve done any searching for fat loss programs on the internet you’ll know what I mean!

The thing is there is nothing wrong with wanting to build muscle and burn fat but as far as I’m concerned it’s a very negative way to approach fitness.

Essentially all you’re doing is making good all the cock-ups you’ve made over the last few years! Good on you for taking the steps to do it, but there’s more to life than just repairing weaknesses.

Many athletes and coaches will tell you that you’re only as good as your weakest link. This may be true in some cases but if you only ever work on repairing weaknesses you’re never going to actually improve your physical abilities or become better able to take on new challenges.

Imagine yourself in 30 years telling your grandchildren all your life stories. Would you rather tell them about the time you were fat and lost 10lbs in 4 weeks or the times you climbed mountains, took on multi-terrain challenges, completed Marine style assault courses, trained in the forest with logs and trees and bears….

Okay maybe not bears.

If you’re carrying more flab than a polar bear than yes, you need to solve that problem but the key to real, long-term, mind-blowing results is to NOT focus on fat loss.

I heard of a guy who lost an astounding amount of body fat by doing just that. I think he lost about 10 stone by believing he was an athlete and living like an athlete. He got up at 5am to train before work, as an athlete might. He also trained after work. He ate like an athlete.

The guy lifted heavy weights like an athlete and performed intense intervals like an athlete.

He did NOT weigh himself everyday.

He then decided he would give Muay Thai a go once he got to a weight that would allow him to take the punishing training.

He did NOT weigh himself everyday or train for fat loss.

He trained to be a Muay Thai fighter and soon looked AND PERFORMED like one.

The key difference in finding something that you actually enjoy enough to continue indefinitely is between training that motivates you and training that inspires you.

The first is what you get with a 6 week fat loss program.

Motivation soon dwindles because fat loss in itself is not a rewarding enough goal for all but a very small minority who are obsesses with their bodies. Even then you have to question how fulfilling their life is.

You then search for other fat loss products for some reason even though the last lot bored you! This is why most people have every famous fat loss e-book on their hard drive but they’re still fat.

To find training that inspires you indefinitely, you need to find challenges with real meaning and excitement!

You may have heard of pleasure versus pain.

When you buy a fat loss product, the clever marketer has preyed on your pain and told you how crap life is because you’re fat. This motivates you.

6 weeks later you either haven’t lost weight and get demoralised, or you reach a point when you don’t need to lose fat and you lose interest in training.

Then you get fat again and the cycle continues.

For permanent results and creation of a body that looks AND performs like an athlete you need to train as if you truly believe you are an athlete, a competitor in a sports event, or even a soldier whose life could depend on their fitness.

Move yourself towards the pleasure end of the spectrum by training for experiences that will make awesome stories when you’re older!

There are infinite possibilities out there you just need to stop being blinkered by the meaningless fat loss bullshit that I really believe is ruining what the fitness industry should be about.

That’s my rant over, now I want to hear your side of the argument!

This may all seem kind of weird coming from the creator of the Fat Loss Action Blueprint but this needs to be said.

I’ll be honest with you.

The FLAB works damn well and gets great fat loss results but the only reason I wrote it in the first place was because I felt some need to jump on the internet fat loss bandwagon.

Hey, we all make misinformed choices - some are just more willing to admit them than others and do something about it!

My attitude has now completely changed with regard to fat loss and I hope this get you thinking!

Let me know your thoughts….

How has fat loss training worked for you in the long and short terms?

Have you found other ways to inspire you which have helped you maintain a long-term focus and inspired you to achieve more with your life than losing a few pounds?

Please leave your comments below!

Jon Le Tocq

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

More Holiday Workouts From Thailand

If there's one thing that gets the vein in my head popping, it's people who think they can't workout without a gym.

What a load of crap.

I am sitting right now in my towel after a short but tough 20 minute workout in the pool at our villa.

Fortunately I am not one of the poor sods who think aqua aerobics will help them lose weight.

Instead my session went like this (in a lightning storm!)

Set the clock at 20 minutes.
Perform 10 lengths of the 10 metre pool as fast as possible.
20 push ups on the side of the pool.
10 lengths
20 burpees
10 lengths
10 one arm push ups each side
10 lengths
10 jump squats, 10 burpees
10 lengths
10 one arm push ups each side 10 lengths

The lesson of the day....I'm rubbish at swimming.

Ah well, definitely burnt off the chicken satay and fried veggies.

More holiday updates soon!

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Marine workout on the beach

I'm in Thailand for 10 days.

For most people this means boozy night at the beach bar, lie-ins and too much rice.

Well, after a low carb lobster meal last night, the organiser of this 'fitness mastermind' event in Phuket, Dax Moy, revealed a nasty surprise.

At 6.30 am this morning we were all up and before we could dive into the usual lucious fresh fruit breakfast, we hit the beach.

What followed was neither nice nor pretty but highly effective!

Dax used to serve in the marines so had something special up his sleeve for us.

Today dawned the Magic Hundred beach workout, which went as follows.

(Before starting, mark out a 100m strip of soft, sandy beach)

100m sprint
100m swim back
100m push ups (push ups for distance so you have to push up and forward every rep)
100m walking lunge back
100m jump squat
100m seal crawl back
100m roll
100m swim
100m sprint in water back


For the seal crawl, lie on the sand and drag yourself 100m using your legs as little as possible. Imagine you have no use of your legs and you'll get it!

For the roll, perform forward rolls for the distance.

We had intended to add a 100m rock throw but couldn't find any suitable rocks or logs!

The swims were an absolute killer because it was virtually impossible to get any momentum due to constantly breaking 4-5ft waves!

So if you ever tell me you couldn't train on holiday because you couldn't get to a gym, you will get some stick!

This was fun in a sick kind of way and as you can see there was absolutely no equipment needed, yet ruined us!

Full body exercises, power endurance, strength, core strength in the waves, upper body, lower body, mental toughness, grind, but most importantly out in the wonders of nature.

Think outside the box guys, there's so much out there to inspire your fitness goals.

I'll have the video soon!


Saturday, 2 May 2009

Beach workouts in Thailand!

Thailand rocks!

I'm well into my fitness masterminding event just outside of Phuket and we just got back from being caught in a true Storm Force rain shower!

There's something awesome about swimming in the dark, in warm bath water being pelted by warm rain with giant flashes lighting up the sky!

What more do you want after a day of producing killer fitness product ideas and sunbathing!

However, I thought I best let you know that there hasn't been any slacking on the training as we've managed to get in a beach sprint session.

8 rounds

100m sprint on soft sand followed by a light jog or swim back to the start

Perfect interval session!

The sand provides great resistance and the soft nature of the sand whilst being friendly on the knees also forces you to develop pull from your hip flexor muscles as less force can be generated b pushing on the sand by your back foot!

Try it on your holidays this year!

Tomorrow I'm going for a double whammy of 10k beach run for Tough Guy preparation with a quick bodyweight-swim circuit like this.

Working with a partner I'll be doing the following for 20 minutes:

One person completes 10 lengths of the 10m pool at our 5 star villa.

The other person must do burpee-push ups until the swimmer is finished.

Switch and repeat for 20 minutes!

(That's the view out of our 'office')

Short, sharp and very effective.

If I can't find a partner willing to take on the challenge I'll do 10 lengths to 30 burpees continuously.

There is no reason to shy out of workouts when you're on holiday guys so stop looking for reasons not to do it!

I could easily make excuses about time (despite what you may think I'm working hard and didn't finish masterminding until 3am, last night!), the heat, the need to relax etc.

The fact is my Tough Guy race in July isn't going to change date or allow me to make excuses - it will try to bring me down no matter what!

Look for the things you CAN do when your daily routine and equipment changes!

Nature provides the best gyms I ever find and they're different every time!

Keep an eye out for more crazy workouts this week!