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Friday, 22 August 2008

Fitness and the Rubix cube

I've been on holiday this week back home in Guernsey.
I've managed to get in:
- my Storm Force bodyweight workouts (20 minutes in the garage - it didn't need to be any longer believe me!)
- two laps around the island on my bike (I'm going for my record after I send you this)
- walks on the cliffs to break in my boots for Borneo (although I usually end up sprinting up stairs as I get bored walking!)
However, while the 'summer' weather has kept me indoors at certain points I found myself playing a game which is a cross between a Rubix cube and a 3-D jigsaw.
Basically, you have to get 10 oddly shaped pieces back in the cube shaped box to make a perfect cube.
So, so much harder than it sounds and I've yet to complete it!
More annoying is that I appear to have done exactly what I tell you guys NOT to do...
After throwing the box down in disgust after yet another failed attempt I noticed that you can find the solutions on the internet.
Which got me thinking.
Why spend time going around in circles with no plan as to how to get the task at hand complete, when a step-by-step solution is there at the touch of a button? A few clicks and you're off and running with the EXACT solution!
I also then realised that I had just joined the millions of people out there who I have been trying to educate about time-efficient, effective fitness solutions.
Okay it's fun to try things on our own at first and 'give it a go'. However, after a short time, if you haven't found the solution, it can only be your stubborn nature which makes you try over and over again to use the same failed 'solution' to your problem.
Why do we do it?
I don't know to be honest.
What's even more surprising is we (or at least most of us) don't try to fix our cars, we don't pull our own teeth out, we don't administer injections against illness, we don't fix our own dodgy plumbing, yet everyone thinks they can fix their shocking fat levels because they heard what Geri Halliwell's trainer said in 'Hello' magazine or they read the latest, greatest 'get ripped' workout in Men's Health!
That's either arrogance in our own abilities, ignorance of what's available or stupidity!
I think most people fall into the third category unfortunately - you know where to get all the information now so it should be a question of when and not if you are a member of Storm Force.
The amount of time and money that is wasted on 'fitness' products in Britain is astonishing, especially when a solution based on real experience with people just like you, is just a few clicks away!
You guys know by now I love a challenge which is all very well when you are looking for something to fill time. If you're looking for something to SAVE time, then you need to get on Storm Force Fitness, stop messing around and thinking too much and start getting results!

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