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Saturday, 9 August 2008

Storm Force Fitness is launched!

The day has finally arrived.

Storm Force Fitness has been launched! Phew!

For me it's a combination of relief (after thousands of hours of research, design and stressful weekends), excitement at being able to change the lives of thousands of people around Britain and the rest of the world, nerves from not knowing where this unique website will take my life and pride. It's hard not to be proud of yourself when you finally achieve a dream which has consumed your life for the last 18 months!

I believe Storm Force Fitness will provide everything you need to finally break the constraints that have stopped you from having a body your not just happy with, but delighted with!

Having seen the systems work wonders with my personal training clients, I know that the only thing that will stop it working for other people is their commitment and desire to achieve the goals they set themselves.

This is finally my chance to drag people away from the soul-destroying, fruitless commercial gym mentality and create a community which thrives on achieving personal goals and seeing visual changes which amaze themselves and those around them!

Ever since qualifying as a trainer, I have strived to find ways of training and coaching people both mentally and physically. I was seen as rather disruptive at my first job in a commercial gym simply because I refused to accept the practices employed which were designed NOT to get people results as advertised, but simply to bulk up membership numbers.

As a person who thrives on challenges and ambition, it became impossible to work in such an environment watching people blindly wasting hours with training which would never, ever get them anywhere near the body they were hoping for.

Fast forwarding 18 months and I find myself at a major turning point in my life! Where Storm Force Fitness will take me is in my own hands I guess. I don't believe in luck - I believe if you have good intentions behind everything you do then you will achieve the success you deserve!

This mentality forms the very spirit of Storm Force Fitness. If you aren't achieving your health and fitness goals whether it be weight loss, 10km running or anything else, a lack of results is down to you. Don't look for excuses why it hasn't happened - look to future and find reasons why it CAN.

The only thing left to say at this point is get straight to Storm Force Fitness and have a look around. Keep coming back to the blog where I promise to post nothing but the truth when it comes to fitness. If it works, you'll find it here. If it doesn't work, I'll tell you why. Right here!

Good luck with all your goals - you know who to ask if you have any questions!

Jon Le Tocq

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