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Friday, 29 August 2008

Something you HAVE to do to lose weight

"I don't have time to cook / prepare food"

If this is how you feel, be prepared to never lose body fat.

No matter how much you hope and pray and invest in bogus fitness scams, there will never be a way to permanently lose body fat and get a great body without preparing food.

Unless you are wealthy enough to pay someone to prepare every meal you eat, you will NEVER get rid of noticeable amounts of body fat.

And don't try to come up with excuses.

I am getting fed up of hearing excuses as to why people CAN'T do things. Why are so few people willing to accept that the reason they are fat is that their current lifestyle has caused it. It's not down to time constraints, work hours, kids or any other crap excuse. I know very busy professionals, with children, who have lost ridiculous amounts of body fat because they accepted it was solely down to them to take responsibility and take action.

Stop looking for reasons why you can't and use the resources you have available to find out how you can!

Here are my answers to the 'reasons' I hear for not preparing food.

"I don't have time"

Rubbish. You can prepare all your food for the next day when you prepare our evening meal or when you make breakast. Make more of it and stick in the fridge for tomorrow.

Alternatively, do it whilst you make breakfast. Goto bed 10 minutes earlier and get up 10 minutes earlier (you'll get abetter quality of sleep as well!)

If you really enjoy cooking, why not make a couple of hours of it at weekends, batch everything up in boxes then your set for the next few days at least.

It takes under 10 minutes to grill chicken breasts, take tuna out of a tin, take raw prawns out of a packet, steam vegetables, boil eggs, boil pasta....the list goes on.

"I don't know how to cook nice, healthy things"

There are lots of combinations on the Storm Force recipe pages, and ultra healthy ones in the fat loss pages. There are also many, many healthy cookbooks in bookstores. Once you learn how to make something you can rack it up very quickly as well!

"I don't know how much I need"

The Storm Force Nutrition system includes an automatic calorie calculator - you put your height, weight, gender and lifestyle in and it will magic up the calories! If you don't want to count calories just buy food from the Storm Force shopping list then trial and error how much you need in your 5-6 meals. We do all the hard work for you!

"I'm too tired in the evenings"

This is probably because you are not eating enough throughout the day so by the time you get to 5pm your body wants nothing but the sofa. Healthy eating will set off an incredible chain of energised days, loss of body fat and greater productivity at work and when exercising - but you have to start somewhere!

Stop making excuses and take sole responsibility for your past and current state - once you can do that you are well on your way.

If you want all the nutrition advice and training programs to shed body fat, register at Storm Force Fitness now.

And don't be afraid to ask questions!


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