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Sunday, 3 May 2009

Marine workout on the beach

I'm in Thailand for 10 days.

For most people this means boozy night at the beach bar, lie-ins and too much rice.

Well, after a low carb lobster meal last night, the organiser of this 'fitness mastermind' event in Phuket, Dax Moy, revealed a nasty surprise.

At 6.30 am this morning we were all up and before we could dive into the usual lucious fresh fruit breakfast, we hit the beach.

What followed was neither nice nor pretty but highly effective!

Dax used to serve in the marines so had something special up his sleeve for us.

Today dawned the Magic Hundred beach workout, which went as follows.

(Before starting, mark out a 100m strip of soft, sandy beach)

100m sprint
100m swim back
100m push ups (push ups for distance so you have to push up and forward every rep)
100m walking lunge back
100m jump squat
100m seal crawl back
100m roll
100m swim
100m sprint in water back


For the seal crawl, lie on the sand and drag yourself 100m using your legs as little as possible. Imagine you have no use of your legs and you'll get it!

For the roll, perform forward rolls for the distance.

We had intended to add a 100m rock throw but couldn't find any suitable rocks or logs!

The swims were an absolute killer because it was virtually impossible to get any momentum due to constantly breaking 4-5ft waves!

So if you ever tell me you couldn't train on holiday because you couldn't get to a gym, you will get some stick!

This was fun in a sick kind of way and as you can see there was absolutely no equipment needed, yet ruined us!

Full body exercises, power endurance, strength, core strength in the waves, upper body, lower body, mental toughness, grind, but most importantly out in the wonders of nature.

Think outside the box guys, there's so much out there to inspire your fitness goals.

I'll have the video soon!



Fitness Integral said...

That was brutal! Way to lap the rest of us. :) You rock!

DaxMoy said...

I hate me! : )

Anonymous said...

Still finding sand in my shorts. . .

SmoketheBlowfish said...

A level of insanity that I hope to one day achieve.

side note: I had to google "Phuket, Thailand". At first I thought Phuket was a word your clients said a lot during a FLAB session.

James Davis said...

Sounds like you're all having fun!



emaroids said...

love it- huge respect for doing that prior to breakfast!!!
It def puts my workout to shame especially as it was at 4pm so I could have a lie in!!
Enjoy the sunshine