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Saturday, 2 May 2009

Beach workouts in Thailand!

Thailand rocks!

I'm well into my fitness masterminding event just outside of Phuket and we just got back from being caught in a true Storm Force rain shower!

There's something awesome about swimming in the dark, in warm bath water being pelted by warm rain with giant flashes lighting up the sky!

What more do you want after a day of producing killer fitness product ideas and sunbathing!

However, I thought I best let you know that there hasn't been any slacking on the training as we've managed to get in a beach sprint session.

8 rounds

100m sprint on soft sand followed by a light jog or swim back to the start

Perfect interval session!

The sand provides great resistance and the soft nature of the sand whilst being friendly on the knees also forces you to develop pull from your hip flexor muscles as less force can be generated b pushing on the sand by your back foot!

Try it on your holidays this year!

Tomorrow I'm going for a double whammy of 10k beach run for Tough Guy preparation with a quick bodyweight-swim circuit like this.

Working with a partner I'll be doing the following for 20 minutes:

One person completes 10 lengths of the 10m pool at our 5 star villa.

The other person must do burpee-push ups until the swimmer is finished.

Switch and repeat for 20 minutes!

(That's the view out of our 'office')

Short, sharp and very effective.

If I can't find a partner willing to take on the challenge I'll do 10 lengths to 30 burpees continuously.

There is no reason to shy out of workouts when you're on holiday guys so stop looking for reasons not to do it!

I could easily make excuses about time (despite what you may think I'm working hard and didn't finish masterminding until 3am, last night!), the heat, the need to relax etc.

The fact is my Tough Guy race in July isn't going to change date or allow me to make excuses - it will try to bring me down no matter what!

Look for the things you CAN do when your daily routine and equipment changes!

Nature provides the best gyms I ever find and they're different every time!

Keep an eye out for more crazy workouts this week!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nice place, Jon! That pool looks very inviting...sounds like a great circuit...nice. Have a great trip!