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Thursday, 11 September 2008

The biggest mistake you're making

As you should know by now, I am currently in the middle of Malaysia probably mountain biking so hard I have a sore bum.

I also promised you wouldn't hear from me for ten days.

Then I realised I was making the mistake that many of you are making.

The mistake millions make every year.

The reason people go round in circles and never get results withtheir fitness.

The reason?

I didn't plan ahead.

I assumed once I had left for Borneo, that was it.

I couldn't continue to help you until I got back.

Then I thought more and PLANNED BETTER.

I set up this email the night I left.

It is simple reasons that stop you getting results.

And to be honest this applies to everything in life not just fitness.

But fitness is my specialty and I see people continually failing to get anywhere because they don't have a plan.

They think they can turn up to the gym and just 'do a workout' and the fat will disappear.

Sorry it won't.

Set goals then 'reverse engineer' the goal.

In other words, plan backwards step by step from where you want to be (e.g 1 stone lighter) then work it back to where you are now.

These steps should be challenging but manageable.

I cover this goal setting process in more detail at using my proven process.

All goals must be...


Plan properly and you will be amazed at what you achieve!

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