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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Why Michael Phelps is a disgrace

You know my thoughts on fast food.

You know my thoughts on sporting heroes.

Hate one, love the other.

But I feel really let down today.

For two weeks in the summer I marvelled at Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps as they showed the world that the impossible is in fact sometimes easily done.

However, today I have lost all respect for Michael Phelps afterfinding out that he has chosen to endorse McDonald's and Kellogg'scereals.

Phelps, you're a disgrace and you've sold your soul to the devil.

Whilst he may be able to get away with eating 12,000 calories perday swimming for 6 hours to go with it, this is just going tocompound problems for the next generation of kids.

Kids copy heroes. McDonald's and Kellog's know this.

So now kids are being led to believe that to be the best in theworld you must eat cereals full of sugar and additives, and as forMcDonald's food?

Well we all know that story.

Even 'healthy' Cornflakes contain as much salt as a pint of sea water.

Unfortunately common sense and acting in the interests of future generations has yet again taken a massive kick in the knackers.

We need to fight this. You need to fight this. I don't have children - you do.

You need to pass on good habits or you're as bad as the rest ofthem.

Stop leaving it to someone else and blaming it on cr*ppy schooldinners, a lack of time or the fact that 'they'll burn it off'.

They might burn it off now but then they'll hit 17, be lazy and like bad food and discover beer.

Soon your child is fat, unhealthy and no longer burning it off because they don't do any exercise and no longer enjoy running round like headless chickens and being active because they've grown up with their arm attached to a Nintendo Wii which has given them reptitive strain injuries.

This needs to stop now.

Apparently by 2050, 9/10 adults will be obese.


Because YOU let it happen when they were children.

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Toothie14 said...

oh my god. stopppp whining.