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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

How to improve on pull ups

Many of my new female clients laugh at me when I tell then they'll be able to do full ups in a couple of months.

Here's one of the tricks to use to build up the strength in your arms and back.

Don't just see pull ups as an arm exercise! If you can get your back involved you'll put all the bicep curling, pink dumbbell girls to shame and have a much better physique.

Also because this will enable you to use more muscles, you'll burn more calories doing your workout.

And most importantly you can make your boyfriend or husband look an idiot when you're walking in the forest and go past a conveniently placed tree.....

Do this 2-3 times per week and watch your pull ups materialise!


Lindsey said...

That's what I do and I'm up to one and a half pull ups since starting your program! Yes, I'm including the half! I can go almost all the way back up and I'm not discounting that!

Jon said...

Good work Lindsey! You're turning into a right little machine!