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Sunday, 15 February 2009

Two hot fitness trends for 2009

There are two things you must be doing if you're going to optimise your fitness levels in 2009. If you neglect either of these key elements you can expect further frustration at why everyone else seems to be able to burn body fat easily and enjoy their exercise, but you can't.

The first is to establish a solid base of social support. One of the easiest ways is to join an online community which shares your goals, ambitions and favourite methods of training. Such communities are sprouting up everywhere and you will soon be able to find one which suits your goals. Most also have transformation contests which will keep you on track for the duration!

Don't forget to look close to home though. Whilst your partner or friends may not be too interested in their physique, if they are good friends they will do all they can to help. Sit down with them and explain what you want to achieve and that you need support rather than temptations which could lead you astray!

Close relationships can be very powerful in helping you lose body fat. If you can rope your friends into a mini fat-loss challenge, you stand a much better chance of succeeding and so do they. The person you actually live with will be the key however because they may well prepare your food or at least share it with you. Being on the same wavelength will make compliance with a nutrition and workout regime so much easier.

The other side of the coin is that if your friends only ever try to bring you back to their fat, lazy levels, your life will become very difficult. Consider carefully what you surround yourself with as it is more than likely you will become the same. This can be both a positive and a negative!

Do not be afraid to issue challenges to people close by. It can make life much more exciting and give your relationship a new lease of life! Workplace challenges are also very popular so throw down the gauntlet to your colleagues and see what you can achieve together!

The second hot fitness tip to help get you fast fat loss results in 2009 is the use of challenge workouts. These workouts involve racing against the clock to complete a given workout, trying to get as many rounds as possible of a circuit in within a set time, or trying to beat the number of repetitions you managed last time round. This is what is known as Escalating Density training and is a simple but challenging way to ensure progress!

When you combine the use of a social support and challenge workouts you have an powerful recipe for losing your belly, dropping the cellulite or simply shedding body fat. Whatever your goal is, you require challenges and people to push you towards your goals!

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1 comment:

Mel said...

Maybe I should try the community after all. Not for the purpose of loosing weight, but to boost my ambitions to achieve some fitness goals. Maybe a challenge is what I need after all to get my butt in gear a bit more. Who knows, this is might be exactly what I need. I have no back up here and an online community is might be the only way to boost my drive. I did some online personal training for about 3 months and the regular exchange with the trainer kept me in line. I wrote a diary and reported back about all my workouts and food and it helped because I did not want to send any blank pages. That would have been embarrassing, but I also don’t lie on the lines of “I did a hell of a workout” when I was just lying on the settee. Noooo! So, I think you just sold the idea to me after all. All I need now is your ebook and by April I want to be able to do at least 2 pull ups. Possible? Damn, need to find some monkey bars :-) .

Thank you for your time and input. It is very much appreciated.

Mel (from a very frosty Germany)