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Thursday, 5 February 2009

The power of 6 inches

I'm in the process of writing a new system to ensure every single client at my personal training studio achieves impossible things.

I can't bear the thought of being average and I want to make every client exceptional too.

Obviously some of this relates to training and nutrition but that's the easy bit to be honest.

It's the two inches above your eyes that count the most and that's where everything else starts so we are working hard to develop a process to ensure our clients experience 'deliberate success'.

Here's part of the system which I hope can help you guys who don't train here as well.

To maintain purpose of action, simply follow this rule all day, everyday.

Question every action with

“How does this action move me towards my experience goals?”

If it doesn’t why are you contemplating doing it?

Usually it will be peer pressure, habit, or uncertainty about where you want to be in life.

At first, this can be a frustrating process as you’ll have all sorts of voices shouting things at you! However, you will soon see how effective this can be.

You will be making a highly important transition from having to resist things to not even contemplating them because the subconscious part of your brain already knows the answer!

This is why cravings will disappear fast and you will feel yourself rising above the mindless, unproductive drivel that dominates most of Western society.

It’s the difference between watching Big Brother and hitting the gym for half an hour.

It’s the difference between being another overweight office worker who is first on the cake list at work and passing with a ‘no thanks'

It’s the difference between spending an hour on Facebook everyday but complaining of no time to exercise, and seeing your body transform.

It’s the difference between stopping when your legs hurt a bit and pushing through your limits and having a great body to show for it.

It’s the difference between running in the rain and cold, and having to look at your flabby body in the mirror.

It’s the difference between average and exceptional.

It’s the difference between them and us. We all have a 'them' we don’t want to be like and yet who constantly try to drag us down.

This applies to all areas of your life, not just training and nutrition.

Question everything and the answers will astound you.

You face a future of clarity and purpose of action and many incredible experiences!


I love Al Pacino's quote from Any Given Sunday about life being about the next 6 inches.

Question what the 6 inches in front of you will do for your life (no rude comments....)

Put all the inches together and soon you have a life of achievement.

Check out Big Al here

(Please note there is a little swearing in it)

Let me know what your next 6 inches are going to involve.

Today mine will be whether I get the deadlift bar to the top or whether I quit 6 inches from the top.

That bar will get up don't you worry.


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