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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Jon's Holiday Workouts

I spent the end of last week back home in Guernsey with my family who I don't get to see nearly enough.

However, I went through the usual frustrations which include....

- Why when you have a gathering of people with diabetic conditions, impressionable kids and two world class athletes does the host choose to put out twiglets, cake, cheesy Wotsits and caramel shortbread?

You reckon I'm fit? One cousin runs 10km in under 29 minutes, has broken a 4 minute mile and should be selected for the World Cross Country Championships.

Another is the World Touring Car Champion.

Neither can do as many burpees as me though....

- I want to be back on the cliffs and forests of Guernsey out in the fresh air, breathing in the sea and just feeling alive. People in cities are literally half dead and they don't even know it. Why won't they just open their eyes?!

- That damn hill on the headland never gets any easier. Especially when you do it 10 times.

- My grandma is 85 and can touch her toes in standing yet half of the under 35's in the world can't because they're fat and lazy and sit in offices too much. Why can't they see that in 50 years all the money and the hours worked will count for nothing?

- The same faces sit at the same bars talking the same old crap about how bad life is. Get up off your arse and change it then. That goes for everyone not just the old Guerners in the Ship and Crown!

As I had no access to the gym I had to improvise as usual - here's what I cooked up for myself and my girlfriend...

Session 1

Hill sprints on grass (30-45 secs each). Very steep, very hard, very good for leg strength and fat burning! Much more effective than boring cardio in stinking gyms.

Session 2

One person does 3 rounds of 15 burpees and 15 push ups as fast as possible while the other boxes on my punch bag in the garage then swap with no rest.

Rest 1 minute after doing both activities then repeat.

Do 5 rounds of each.

Again great conditioning and fat burning in about 30 minutes - the pressure of the other person waiting for you really kicks your ass!

Session 3

Cliff run - about 4 miles.

Yes it's cardio but more of an interval session as it's all up and down steps which kills!!

Plus I just wanted to get out in the fresh air and enjoy nature!

Try any of these sessions if you can, instead of your gym workout - you'll never go back!


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