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Monday, 9 March 2009

Focus on anything but fat loss to lose fat!

We've all done it.

We set ourselves a fat loss goal and commit everything to achieving it.

Well, most people don't even do that - they think some half-arse effort at eating like a rabbit for 4 days before the next office cake round will do the trick.

If that doesn't, the 20 minutes spent watching Eastenders whilst on the cross-trainer will do it.

It would have been 30 but Sarah from Accounts just arrived so they had to have a natter about the conversation they never finished 45 minutes ago on leaving the office.

Anyway, that aside, focussing solely on fat loss rarely brings the desired result.

The reason is because despite what you might THINK, fat loss isn't really your ultimate goal.

You ultimate goal is more likely to be one of the following:

- You want to lose 2 stone so that you can finally run 10km without stopping.
- You want to get to 5% body fat so you have a rippling six pack to impress the girls on the beach in Marbella
- You want to get down to a Size 10 so that your confidence levels shoot up and you can wear what you want with your head held high.
- You want to lose 3 stones because you still remember the bullying when you were 16 and it hasn't got much better, there's just no bog flushing at the office.
- You want to improve your appearance so that you present a better image to prospective employers or clients.

I could go on all day.

The point is that you need to do some real soul-searching to find the EXACT reason you want to achieve that fat loss goal.

If you then train and eat to achieve THAT goal, the fat loss will literally take care of itself.

The reason this happens is that when you can place a deep emotional reason on a particular goal and keep talking about that goal to anyone who will listen, your brain is much more easily programmed and will make you act in ways that take you towards that goal.

The same process applies to earning money.

Everyone says they want to earn more but few really know why.

Once you can place an experience based goal above the goal of earning say $75,000 per year, every action you take suddenly has a much greater purpose and meaning to it and you will find yourself naturally gravitating towards the goal.

This doesn't mean it simply becomes easy but you will be much more inclined to say no to the things / people that move you further away from your goals and push you to take the actions you must to be who and what you want to be.

Shift your focus and you'll soon shift up a few gears in the goal-getting race!


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