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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

The reason you're failing

I've seen this so many times, it's time to write an open and honest letter to those who are getting nowhere.

Look, I love you guys and I love the emails I get asking questions but sometimes we all need a slap to wake us up, so that's what I'm delivering today!

I have had personal training clients, mentor clients and FLAB followers say something very similar to this....

"Hi Jon, I've hit a plateau and not really losing any weight. Can you help explain it? I'm not sure this program is working"

The answers are invariably the same on all fronts.

1) You say you're following the nutrition guidelines then I find out from your food diary that you're.....

...still having 4-5 glasses of wine per week
...staying out late on weekend nights
...having high levels of carbs for breakfast when you're not training until that evening if at all
...not drinking nearly enough water
...having far too many treats
...still drinking coffee because you mistakenly believe it helps your energy levels're still eating bread and milk because you like it

(Bonus tip - don't post photos of you getting pissed on facebook then act confused about lack of results...)

If I ask you to eliminate ALL processed foods and eat clean, healthy foods ALL the time, this is what you must do.

Doing it 80% of the time will get you nowhere.

You are either following guidelines or you are not.

Consequently you are either getting results or you're not! It's that simple.

If you are overweight, and then embark on following the Storm Force Nutrition Blueprint or any other clean eating plan, you WILL lose body fat unless you have some serious medical condition.

Even then it will more than likely still work very well.

Yes these changes may be difficult at first but that's the way it is.

Noticeable results require noticeable changes. You must accept this, immediately not in 4 weeks time.

2) Not MAKING time to get 4 or 5 intense metabolic weight training sessions done each week.

Doing one, even if it is personal training is not NEARLY enough and won't make the slightest bit of difference.

Don't think that by having taken the step to get a trainer or mentor you are about to discover some magical method which brings results.

Yes it is a huge step but only if you do EXACTLY what you are told.

I don't waste time with people by giving out exercises like bicep curls and tricep extensions for fat loss.

Everything you are told to do is for a specific reason so if you don't do it regularly, as a priority and with intensity which leaves you needing you recovery time, only mediocre results will follow if at all.

Even when I train myself I doubt whether I can get through some sessions but I am so focussed on my goals that I push my limits as much as I can.

This FORCES your body to change - it literally has no choice.

And no pilates, yoga, golf and taking the dog for a walk do not count WHATSOEVER.

These may be done in addition to prescribed programs but DO NOT replace what you should be doing for your fat loss / muscle building training.

3) You keep altering your program because of social events or not having enough time.

You need to start making time to get all of the required training in every single week.

Chopping the intervals in half because you had to meet your friend is going to chop your fat loss results in half if not more.

If you want life-changing results, you need to start living the lifestyle required, not just do it for 2 weeks whilst motivation is still high.

You need to develop mental strength through solid goal setting so that you can do it day in, day out.

You need to learn to turn down social invitations if you are too weak to avoid alcohol when you're there.

Also, blaming your work schedule is not productive. Yes I'm sure you do have lots of appointments but if you want results you need to MAKE time.

Many people have done this with great results and they are busier than you!

If you're not willing to do this, please don't blame the program.

It is your fault and YES, you DO have a choice you are just not willing to make it.

Every moment is a chance to start again.

If you messed up last week don't dwell on it but take the necessary steps to stop it from happening again!

So have a think and be honest with yourself whether you're on one of my programs or someone elses.

Are you REALLY doing it 100%?


PS If food boredom is killing you get the Storm Force cookbook


Mark Raynsford PT said...

Word mate.

Sometimes a session of back patting is not enough.

As I tell my clients - once they reach where they want to be they can ease off the diet plan and workouts etc, but til then commit to the cause and keep your focus. After all you're often paying for it, so why not make the most of it?!

Kelley Moore said...

Ouch. But well said and so true. I can never hear this enough and today I needed a good kick in the pants. On this journey I'm realizing I'm either in, or I'm not, and not isn't an option. k