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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Are you in the Itchy Feet Brigade?

I have identified a breed of fitness enthusiasts which I have decided to name the Itchy Feet Brigade.

See if you fit this group.

The Itchy Feet Brigade are those fitness enthusiasts who invest a lot of time and money on fitness and all it's offshoots yet never seem to get anywhere as they are constantly running between different concepts and methods.

The IFB have bought most fat loss and nutrition programs on the internet such as Turbulence Training, Fit Yummy Mummy, the Elimination Diet and my own Fat Loss Action Blueprint.

However, each time they are not quite satisfied and email the creator of the aforementioned programs asking how they can fit in with the other aforementioned programs.

This is why they do not get results or take much longer than others.

They don't realise that the best programs are designed in a set way for a specific reason.

Combining them often results in cancellation of the positives leaving you with little but a sore head from scratching it trying to figure out why the hell they're still fat!

They are the internet version of the suckers who have tried combining Weight Watchers, Slimming World, thermogenic fat loss pills, eating 5-6 meals per day, no fat nutrition and low calorie diets all at once because they got attracted by sales pitch after sales pitch.

I will stand by my Fat Loss Action Blueprint every time because everyone who has followed it 100% and ignored all other 'advice' has lost shed loads of body fat with the photos to prove it.

However, that is not to say the other programs don't work - they do.

The point is that you need to find a decent program by assessing...

1) Does the trainer practice what they preach?

2) Are they even a real-life trainer or an internet marketing genius?

3) Do they have proven results?

4) Do they use the style of training you like?

5) Does it fit into your weekly schedule or will you have to change this and change that meaning you are in fact no longer on that program but making up your own?

6) Do they offer ongoing support as on my free community (you can join and follow that even if you don't buy the Fat Loss Action Blueprint

Once you find this program, commit to it. 100%

Don't be a prat and try to create your own super-dooper-all conquering program - that's why we get paid to do this and you don't!

My FLAB came about from experience in my own training and nutrition which I then road-tested on real life, busy people (kids, jobs, travel etc) in my real life PT studio in Nottingham, England.

I then road-tested further on people I had no contact with other than by email and it still produced clear, obvious results with photographic evidence.

(It's a tough life having to marvel at girls in their bikinis after stripping off the wings and muffin tops, knowing you helped create the new them but I'm going to battle on! The blokes pictures get reviewed with admiration too....)

I now sell it, safe in the knowledge that those who follow the Nutrition Blueprint, Training Blueprint and all the encompassing goal setting and accountability advice, will get results.

Importantly they are longer be a member of the Itchy Feet Brigade but part of the Storm Force Unit and continue to progres even after the official 6 week program - that is because this program changees your mindset and lifestyle not just temporary changes in your love handles!

Ask Jason...

If you want to leave the Itchy Feet Brigade and join my growing army of FLAB'ers then go get it the Fat Loss Action Blueprint

Body fat levels up!

If not then PLEASE just stick to one of the other programs!


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