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Sunday, 1 March 2009

How to get your glutes working (most trainers don't know this)

This video has brought some really positive feedback from trainers, clients and friends alike!

You see lots of people are into this 'functional training' idea which is great in theory.

However, what does functional mean?

Surely it means that the exercise being performed does the job you want it to?

Does it build the muscle you want? No? NOT FUNCTIONAL

Does it help burn more fat? No? NOT FUNCTIONAL

Does it use the right muscles or are you compensating for weak muscles by using others? No?


This is the key to this video about exercises designed to work / tone / strengthen / build the glute muscles (your bum!)

As explained, most peoples' glutes don't even work!

This means that no matter how many squats and lunges you do, all you will do is work your legs more making the imbalance even worse.

Consequently, you will NEVER see improvements in your glutes - how annoying is that going to get after 6 months of performingthe 'functional' exercises?

Here's some secrets most trainers don't know....

Please post your comments below!


Charliewall said...

brilliant - informative, good work Jon

ksmall1998 said...

The average person needs more of this type of informational video. Great idea, Jon

spuddytat38 said...

Great Jon. Thanks for the info on the stretches which i found particularly helpful as my hip flexors are always tight due to sitting at a computer.

Jon Le Tocq, Storm Force Fitness said...

More like this to come!

Like you say the average person needs more things like this - not complicated but very effective!


tardyon said...

Very interesting post and video.
I have a question about the last movement you did with the kettle ball, the kettle ball swing. I noticed that as you did the movement, you seemed to lock out your knees rather severely at the end of each movement. It sort of looked like a "pop" at the end.
I understand that any such lockout that "hits" that hard places great stress on the cartilage in the knee, and can damage it over time.
Is the exercise any less effective if there is no lockout in the knee at the end of the move?


Claire said...

I've been struggling for over a year to tighten my glutes but nothing has worked. I thought there was something wrong with me. My personal trainer didn't tell me about this.

Just tried it out and I can feel my glute muscles for the first time. Ouch! Feels great! Bring on an arse that can crack nuts!

Thanks Jon :o)

Claudio Timbers said...

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