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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Butt kicking of the year

Some people are asking just how tough Intense Conditioning really is going to be and wondering if they really work hard enough when they train.

Well, here's the workout I did this morning - the video is from when I did it last year.

It will answer both questions.

This very workout is in Week 9 of the Intense Conditioning program with a couple of slight tweaks.

Quite simply it will kick you in places you've never been kicked.

Guys, this is what I mean by a true metabolic weight session - the intensity when done properly is mind-numbing!

If you want abs, a lean athletic body, unstoppable conditioning, bigger muscles or anything else you need to be willing to give it everything.

This doesn't mean selling your soul to fitness or living at the gym!

However, you need to be able to zone out of your troubles for those 45 minutes when you give 100% to whatever session is in your program - and love it!!!

You also need to be following your nutrition plan all week.

By all means reward yourself ONCE per week but remember what REWARD means.

You don't earn - you don't get! Be strict with yourself.

Anyway here's the session - go on I dare you to try it.... (VIDEO BELOW)

4 Rounds of....

20 swings
20 snatches (10 each side)
20 swings
20 jerks (10 each side)
20 swings
20 snatches (10 each side)
20 swings
40 single arm rows (10 each side)
20 swings
50 push ups


Anonymous said...

To quote Neo from the Matrix:


That's one intense circuit, Jon.

Enough said.


Jon Le Tocq, Storm Force Fitness said...

Yeah you love it!

This is 90% physical and 50% mental.


ksmall1998 said...


On the rows, you list 40...should that be 20 per side for 4 rounds.

I'm trying this killer workout today.

Jon Le Tocq, Storm Force Fitness said...

Hi yes sorry it should say 20 reps per side my fault!

Good luck!

ksmall1998 said...

Challenge done!!

Since I just started working with KB's, I used 25 and 35 lb KB's. I also change the jerk with miltary presses. I have not yet learned the jerk.

Jon, it was a killer circuit. It almost did me in.

Total time 1:03:31

Definite room for improvement