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Friday, 21 November 2008

What lies beneath

I'm part of a great online fitness pro community and spend a lot of time interacting with the guys and girls on it.

The leader of the community Dax Moy has challenged us all to write a blog about our true beliefs and our own intepretation of where we are headed.

I think if EVERYONE did this from time to time, the world would be a much happier place and there would be a hell of a lot more successful people.

So here goes Jon Le Tocq's view on the world...

1) The more I practice, the luckier I get.

I stole the quote from Gary Player but it's so true. There is no such thing as luck in my eyes. What many perceive as luck is where days, months or even years of preparation meets an opportunity. I have been told on many occasions I'm lucky to have my own studio in the city centre of Notts and lucky to have my own business doing my dream job at 25. Generally it's the same people who told me I was nuts to leave the financial security of Guernsey for a 5.77 per hour gym instructor job; the same people who questioned why I worked 60 hour weeks at the gym.

You get what you deserve.

Maybe not today or tomorrow or even this year, but you get what you deserve.

Overnight successes take years.

2) Don't focus too much on yourself in order to progress my life.

I have made mistakes in the last two years focussing too much on what I wanted and what I wanted to do and how I thought it should be done. Yes goal setting is imperative but I now realise that the key to individual success is other people.

Help other people, teach other people, learn from other people, follow other people, use other people as a guide to what you do or don't want to be.

Success will follow.

3) Burn your bridges and you will force yourself to move forward

It's so easy to cling to the security of the past but if you never let go, if you never force yourself out of your comfort zone and if you never take risks but always leave yourself the option to take backward steps that is exactly what you will do.

4) It's all about you.

This may seem a contradiction to me saying that success is all about other people but it's not. My point here is that the world is in the state it is in because it is always 'someone else's fault'.

- The economic crisis in Britain is America's fault.
- I'm fat because my friends make me drink lots.
- I'm poor because I don't get paid enough

All of the above are b*llocks.

We are all responsible for our actions.

I don't mind people celebrating their own successes whereas other people see it as boasting or gloating. These are usually people who are able to accept that their mistakes are also just that. THEIRS.

Only when we become accountable for everything good and bad in our lives can we become better people.

5) There isn't as much of a difference between success and failure as people think.

There is actually very few differences between the great men and women amongst us and 'Joe Average'

The key difference is this.

Successful people manage their fear.

They realise fear doesn't actually exist. Two identical people can be in the same situation but experience opposite outcomes because one allows fear to control them and the other accepts it as part of the experience. The physical situation is no different for either person but the outcome is MASSIVELY different because one stepped through the fear and the other walked backwards away from it (see Point 3).

6) Experiences are everything.

I believe that philosophies about life can be summed up in one snigle sentence.

When you are lying on your death bed, will you be able to say "I did everything there was to do"?

I have been very bad at this up until now. I missed the point of success and earning money.

This is changing.

7) I believe I am on the verge of greatness.

I have gone through the school bullying for being a hard worker.
I have gone through very difficult months at university feeling like I didn't fit in (because I couldn't control my fear of new situations)
I have left a comfortable life and stepped into the unknown in a very different environment.
I have left my friends and family behind in search of great things.
I have invested lots of time and money in things which may or may not work.
I have spent many weekends holed up worrying about things but trudging through it with the support of my family.
I have nearly quit on many occasions.

But I am still here. I am stronger. I am ready. I am ready.



Because I am destined to do great things in this world.

I know I have the intelligence.
I know I have the drive.
I know people are starting to see me as a leader.
I know I have prepared and am ready for the opportunities when people will say I am lucky.

When the world is ready for what I have to tell them...


Bring it on.