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Monday, 10 November 2008

Five key elements of goal setting

My heart sometimes sinks when people come to me as a personal trainer and say 'I'd like to lose a couple of pounds' or 'I just want to tone up a bit'.

Where's the ambition?

Where's the challenge?

Where's the drive for a total transformation?

What's happened to "I don't know if I can achieve this but what the hell let's go for it."

Come on guys, get yourself out of all this depression and 'life's a bitch' attitude!

You all have it in you to make big changes, but you have to believe YOU are capable, not just those you see making a success of their lives.

We all have tough times, me included - suck it up and get on with it.

It has to begin with setting clear goals. My guinea pigs have already done that using the STORM process.

Your goals must be...

Specific - Exactly what do you want?
Timed - When by? Set a day
Operations based - How? What's the exact plan?
Relevant - Does it really matter or is it something you feel you should do to keep someone else happy?
Measurable - Can you clearly measure it to see if your plan is working?

Shape goals based on the above and your half way to achieving them - seriously!

On that note some moron made a comment to me on Facebook a few weeks ago implying that it was easy for me because I had probably never been fat and I somehow didn't have a right to then try to help people!

He's right - I've never been so lazy and lacking self-rspect to let myself get into that state in the first place.

However, the conversation turned to him implying you can't improve your body shape without bodybuilding exercises and machine based workouts for optimum 'burn' (yeah people still use that stupid word.)

So I embarked on an 'up yours' quest.

A quest which for beanpoles like me is tough and requires hard work and desire - to get bigger not smaller!

This guy clearly doesn't know me like you do. He didn't understand it would result in a backlash and a point proven.

3 weeks later....I rest my case your honour.

And for those who for some reason doubt my testimonials are valid, you know this is real as it's a picture from my recent Borneo trip.

Stop looking for reasons why NOT. If you want something enough, it's yours.

This guy gave me all the motivation I needed. And he's still fat.

I show you this for no other reason than to prove my genuine commitment to inspiring people to search for more, want more and achieve more.

PS This is not fake tan it's our dodgy studio energy-saving light bulbs!

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