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Monday, 17 November 2008

THIS is how you shed body fat for fun!

I am quite literally astounded.

For just 7 days my Fat Loss Action Blueprint guinea pigs have been performing 3 lots of 20 minute sessions with either bodyweight, dumbbells or kettlebells, interval training if they have time and eating clean.

I had hoped they would lose 2-3lbs each but was somewhat nervous about them letting me and themselves down.

It appears I was very, very wrong on many levels.

I seem to have underestimated the power of not only the systems they are using but also the power of being under some friendly pressure from me and the hundreds of people reading this!

These are the changes in vital stats I received today. I will do weekly updates on this blog then after the 4 week trial they will send in their photos (so if they are lying we'll expose them at the end...) ;-)

Jez (High level finance job, kids, too busy etc)

Weight change: 12 stone 5.....11 stone 13
Waist circumference: 36 inches.....34 inches
Hip circumference: 39.25 inches.....38.5 inches


It is surprising how much more energy I have already, I am not feeling
half as tired in the evenings but I have always had real problems
staying asleep, getting to sleep was fine but just used to wake up loads
in the night, thinking about things too much but this seems to be
improving as well.

At first when I started the workouts I looked at it on paper and didn't think that it would work me hard enough because of the amount of time it was due to take, how wrong I was! This woke me up to the schedule and think the work outs are great, short, sharp and really hard work, depending how hard you want to push yourself.
Can't wait for the next week as have lost almost half a stone in the first week.

Tom (teacher, wanted to fit in social football, has to have lunch meetings filled with crappy foods, likes a Saturday night curry and a beer)

Weight change: 76.9kg.....73.5kg
Waist circumference: 93.5cm.....86.4cm
Hip circumference: 98cm.....96cm


Looking back at the past week I have managed to fit in a lot of training around the work day. I’m making sure that I get in at least one piece of solid exercise a day; also I am making sure that I walk to work each day.

On the food side I have managed to eat well for the majority of the week. I had two sort of cheat meals due to training days at work (curry with all trimmings/ pie and chips). Apart from that everything else is going pretty well. I’ve started to eat cherry tomatoes are a snack through out the day, instead of other forms of snack. I’ve also found that because I’m planning my meals out that I am reducing my shopping bill, as I question what I put into my basket.

All in all I feel really alert, am sleeping well and have a lot more energy. Cravings have generally gone, the weight is dropping off and I look forward to what challenges this week puts in front of me.

Jon (I'm not sure what Jon does at present but he's a busy boy!)

Weight change: 81.8kg.....79kg
Waist circumference: 100cm.....95cm
Hip circumference: 102cm.....99cm


Jon couldn't be contacted for further comments!

Sara - Currently can't be contacted - hopefully have an update soon.


So there we have it.

Many of you have been slogging it out on treadmills or aerobics classes for over a year and not achieved those results.

So far, the guinea pigs have lost shed loads of weight in just one week and none of them live anywhere near where I work!

This is likely to slow down to 2-3lbs per week. Still not bad eh? ;-)

The best thing is they are all reporting higher energy levels. Fad diets are usually associated with torturous days trying to resist the urge to eat the office pot plant!

It's time to rethink EVERYTHING you thought you knew about fat loss.


The Fat Loss Action Blueprint will be released soon!

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