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Friday, 28 November 2008

The Guinea Pig Trial Week 2

As you many know my triallists for the Fat Loss Action Blueprint are into Week 3 now.

They are performing short, intense workouts between 20-30 minutes long and eating clean, healthy food.

They are all busy people with no time for hours in the gym.

These are the latest results

(A new lady started this week so we'll see how she gets on next week!)


Weight 12 stone 5.....11 stone 11.75
Hips 39.25cm.....37.5cm
Waist 36cm.....33.5cm


Weight 79.9kg.....73.1kg
Hips 98cm.....96cm
Waist 93.5cm.....85.5cm


Weight 82.8kg.....77.2kg
Hips 102cm.....97.5cm
Waist 100cm.....91cm

Can't argue with that.

The programs out soon, so keep an eye out!


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