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Sunday, 21 December 2008

1 girl, 2 kids, 1 month before Christmas

For the last 4-5 weeks I've been running an experiment on Guinea Pigs.

Not real guinea pigs but humans to see what they could achieve in 4 weeks following the Fat Loss Action Blueprint.

The boys were awesome and got their abs popping out in just 4 weeks.

But would it work for a girl? A girl with 2 kids to work around.

Weight 8 stone 10…..8 stone 3
Waist measurement 29 inches…..26 inches
Hip measurement 34 inches…..32.25 inches

"Having done little to no exercise for several years I always knew any sort of exercise regime was going to be an uphill struggle so the short intense workouts appealed to me as I knew I would be pushed for fitting in exercise time with 2 kids.

When I first saw the exercises on paper I wasn't totally convinced they would push me hard enough but I was wrong. The first week was the hardest as was really aching from the exercises, had thrown myself into the nutrition plan and was getting headaches from caffeine withdrawal! However by the second week I was really into it and could start to push myself that bit harder with the workouts.

Overall I have felt more awake and energetic, I used to skip breakfast but I this plan has made me realize that getting up 5 minutes earlier means I make time for breakfast and am not snacking come 10.30am!

The nutrition plan and exercises are easy to follow and the regular e-mails pull you back in if you are losing will a little bit!

I wasn't convinced before that it would work but the results speak for themselves.

I think anyone would benefit from following this programme. If I can do it in the month up to Christmas I am sure anyone can do it!"



I guess it does work for girls.

You could be next! Just get the Fat Loss Action Blueprint

Have a great Christmas - but be ready to transform yourself in 2009!


Better Bodies by Carmel said...

WOW! Awesome results! Her legs, abs and rear look FANTASTIC now! Big difference! Great work!


JuJu said...

Hey Jon, I've just read the GOALS SETTING article and just wanted to say THANK YOU for that!! Really really helpful!!! Hope you had a great Xmas and all the best for 2009!! Kind regards, JuJu