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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Back to the future or stay in the present?

We all like to reminisce a little.

Recently loads of photos have been popping up on Facebook of my 18-20 year old years when I was out on the town every weekend which was funny in a way remembering my university years but also reminded me of many frustrations!

1) Slogging it away in the gym and wondering why I never got anywhere as I didn't realise just how bad alcohol is for fat loss and muscle gain.

2) Training for more than 45 minutes when I went to the gym - what a waste!

3) Having no solid, specific goals in life other than 'make lots of money', 'get a six-pack', and impress girls with the first two.

Looking back I wasted a lot of time and effort on things which didn't matter but that's life. Making mistakes is good for you. Failing to learn from them is when it becomes a problem!

I also look back and see years of sporting achievement, university degrees etc.

However, there comes a time when constantly looking back at what you used to be capable of, what you used to look like and how you used to feel becomes a massive road block.

Constantly looking back stops you looking forward so you fail to make any progress. How many of our parents still live on past glories on the sports field despite now being overweight and having the movement potential of a one-legged tortoise?

However, the other side of the coin is that constantly talking of what we will do or want to do in the future can have similar 'road block' potential. If you always see your dreams and goals in the future, that's where they will stay! You might make a little progress but you will never actually reach out and grasp hold of that dream and see it materialise.

Finding a balance between the three is the key to success.

By all means remember what you have achieved.

It's also critical to have goals which require you to push yourself.

But spare a thought for the present.

Live it, enjoy it and celebrate it.

I am terrible at never rewarding myself! I always feel I could have done better and never take time to realise that I have already come a long way since those drunken university days!

That will change from today and I'll take time to celebrate small successes as I know lots of these will lead to big things for me both mentally, physically and financially.

I'll keep looking to the future though and aiming high in everything I do.

Below is my new baby niece Ella. (I was blinking...)

To give me inspiration and even more motivation to succeed with my fitness businesses I have given her a Christmas present with a difference.

From January 1st 2009 until Ella's 16th birthday I am going to put 1% of all my Storm Force Fitness profits into an account for her, then when she hits 16 I'll teach her what to do with it and teach her the value of hard work so it won't be a handout!

I've set myself a target to hit, I know the date, and I know how I'm going to achieve it. That's the key to effective goal setting!

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