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Monday, 15 December 2008

Top fat burning exercises

The question on everybody's lips come January is 'What are the best fat burning exercises to get rid of the belly I created over Christmas?'

My usual response is "why did you let yourself go so much - you didn't need that extra cheescake did you?!

However, it's going to happen the world over so below is a video of how to respond as fast as possible! Start them today and get a headstart on the food to come!

There is one catch though. Unless your nutrition is up to scratch and you're eating clean, healthy food every single day these exercises won't magically give you a six pack.

It must be a combination of heavy weights, interval training and clean nutrition!

You will not get anywhere near your potential with boring cardio work, crappy eating habits and bicep curls!

Bang out a few sets of these and resist the leftovers and you're on your way to a flat stomach!


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