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Thursday, 4 December 2008

7 things which must be present for you to get a leaner body.

Unfortunately there are many people who are desperate to achieve a lean, athletic looking body but just lack the knowledge.

The willpower is there, they don't allow themselves to make bullsh*t excuses about time, kids, work etc, and they put in the effort.

But they don't see the rewards to justify their efforts.

They get frustrated.

Simply because they are still using methods which have been shoved in their face by the media and unscrupulous marketing companies.

Clear your mind of everything you thought you knew, then ensure you include EVERY SINGLE action listed below.

You WILL see results.

1) Perform weight training three times per week. Ensure every muscle is worked and include some form of squat and / or deadlift movement in every session. This will help build and shape muscle and ramp up your metabolism.

2) Eliminate all food and drink which comes in a packet or is processed in any way. This includes, chocolate, crisps, biscuits, cakes, takeaways, shop sandwiches, alcohol, coffee, tea and bread. The further it is its state when off a tree, out of the ground or off the farm, the more it will hinder your progress.

Be ruthless or be fat.

3) Forget long, steady state cardio. If you want to run, cycle or swim, use intervals. Try running at 80% of your top speed for 30-60 seconds depending on fitness levels then recover for 1-2 minutes. Repeat this 6-10 times.

You won't last much longer!

4) Have ONE treat meal per week. If your body fat has not come down that week you don't get the treat. Treats are rewards for achievement. The fact that you had a bad day at work and feel a bit down or someone made you feel a bit bad because they shouted will not be helped by being fat.

Get over it and get lean. A great body and the happy hormones from exercise will increase your confidence, improve your ability to deal with stress and make you realise that there are better solutions than the 60 seconds of pleasure that Mars bar gives you.

5) Set a clear goal timeline then backtrack the steps you need to take to get there. Take time to create vivid images of how you want your life and your body to be. You will gravitate towards these images.

For this reason, constantly thinking about being fat and not having time to exercise will gravitate you towards....being fat and nto havnig time to exercise.

Be ambitious with your goals.

Achieving 50% of a 3 stone weight loss target is better than achieving 100% of a 1 stone target!

6) Involve other people. Either make sure you have someone to keep you accountable (a mentor, a personal trainer or a friend) or become part of a group which trains together. This might be a group of friends or a group fitness class.

7) TAKE ACTION. No one ever lost weight by talking about it or worrying about it. Don't wait until Monday, January 1st, the day after your birthday or any other meaningless moment in time. If you won't do it now it's because you don't want it enough and this will NOT change on New Year's Day.

Find the motivation and the means to achieve your goals TODAY and just start taking action.

Don't fall for the trap of searching for the perfect diet or training plan either. If you don't want the help of a professional just get going and adjust it along the way!

Falling down and making mistakes isn't a problem, so long as you keep falling forward!


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