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Friday, 24 April 2009

Doctors are screwed

Well they're not but they should be.

As as I am concerned we shouldn't need doctors.

We also shouldn't need people like me.


Because disease and illness is caused by environmental factors.

Environmental factors are caused by man.

When I went to Borneo last year, our guide told us about how all the medicines 'you Westerners' spend billions on can be found for free in Borneo, in the wild.

We were shown how termites could be used to clamp, seal and repair flesh wounds - it astouneded me.

In the good old days, nature healed all.

Here's a great video from the legendary Paul Chek on why you should never need a doctor again.

He can come across as a little eccentric at times but the point is he knows his stuff and you need to listen up!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"Doctors are screwed."

"We as fitness pros shouldn't even be 'needed'. . . "

Couldn't have said it better (or with more humor).

Nature has the ability to heal us - if we're not destroying it AND if we're mindful of it's healing capabilities.

Great post Jon!