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Monday, 20 April 2009

Top notch fat loss combination

I had an email from Brad Pilon of EatStopEat the other day saying how fad diets were still outselling his program ten, twenty, a hundred fold.

I agree with's sad and ridiculous.

I personally follow intermittent fasting for many reasons, not just keeping my body fat under 10%.

There's the reduced food bills, increased growth hormone, mental control....

I also know many trainer friends of mine who also do it.

On top of this I have some guinea pigs trialling a new strength and conditioning program.

James this week reported being 11lbs down after 8 weeks combining the training with intermittent fasting (and the photos show it) (it's not even supposed to be a fat loss program but hey)

What's this got to do with you?

Well next week I am off for a fitness masterminding event in Thailand where I intend to fast at least once simply because I know Dax Moy and the gang will no doubt be sliding a Tiger Beer my way on various other days, between bungee jumps and hammock time!

Don't wanna be putting on body fat with my fancy new beach shorts on.....

This is the beauty of intermittent fasting! You can let go A BIT on certain days, knowing you'll make up the calorie deficit on others to still lose body fat.

No calorie counting, no protein v fat v carbs, no 'points'.

What you gonna do for me then Jon?

What I am going to do is giving you an opportunity to get hold of the two most powerful things I have used with my clients to accelerate fat loss and stave off the boredom associated with healthy food!

If you head on over to EatStopEat to grab a copy of Brad's program using this link (my affiliate link) and email me the receipt, I'll send you a copy of the 'Cooking For The Fitness Lifestyle' e-cookery book for free.

=========> EatStopEat plus 150 recipe e-cookbook combination please

Simple as that.

(If you don't want me to make any affiliate commission and don't want the cookery book just go to the normal EatStopEat link and get the e-book - that's how much I think you should start intermittent fasting if you're struggling to find a nutrition plan that fits your busy schedule)

The catch?

You have to do this by Friday 24th April 7pm GMT (London time baby!).

Why so soon?

1) Because I want to be safe in the knowledge that when I am resisting all the temptations of a 5* villa in Phuket, you'll be doing it with me.

Check out where I'm staying

2) I don't want to have to deal with too many emails whilst I'm whooping Charlotte Ord in some sprints on the white sands outside our team villa... (Don't tell her if you know her....)

3) The truth is people put so much weight on this fasting thing when it's actually easier than everyone thinks. As soon as they do it, it's almost an anti-climax because it is so easy to get through the day.

A week later you're 2-3 lbs down with no crazy, long-term starvation tactics - happy days!

I just want you to get on this as soon as possible instead of thinking about it, analysing whether it's for you and, as usual, finding excuses.

Remember, if you keep doing the same things and following the same methods and they haven't shown results yet, they never will!

So go get EatStopEat now, email your receipt to and you'll soon have an awesome combo of intermittent fasting and 150 Storm Force Fitness approved meals.

Good times people - use them wisely!


BritGrl said...

Great offer! I'd take you up on it, if I didn't already have both!

Sharon said...

Just out of curiosity, does eat stop eat really give you additional information on what to do, how to do it besides 1) fast one to two days a week, and 2) do resistance training on those and other days? I'm worried I'm going to pay the money and not really get any additional info.

Jon Le Tocq, Storm Force Fitness said...

Hey Sharon,

ESE goes into the why's in quite a lot of detail which I have found has helped people stick to it much better once they realise they're not going to starve / die / be sick / pass out etc!

I believe in educating people from a 'give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and fed him for a lifetime' stance. ESE does this in boat loads!

I and my clients have found it a great release from restrictive, somewhat anal dieting with better results hence my support for the book!

Quite honestly, I'd pay the money just for the 'How Much Protein' e-book that comes with it. Changed my outlook, obsessions about supplements and food bill considerably.

Let me know your thoughts and if you do purchase what you thought to the research etc.