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Thursday, 2 April 2009

The Fat Loss Results Ladder

A few years back when I decided I was going to commit my life to ripping fat off people and getting them as close to athletic status as possible, I began to wonder if one thing was more important than the other.

See most people fail at fat loss attempts due to a perceived lack of time.

They do have time but the perception is there.

I needed a way to prioritise certain elements to deliver fast results in the short-term to buy me time to change these perceptions.

Unfortunately the world is impatient especially personal training clients.

Man they can get nasty if those pounds don't come off immediately!

I got inspired by Alwyn Cosgrove's 'Hierarchy of Fat Loss' but since then I've developed a comprehensive list of my own.

This is the 'Fat Loss Results Ladder'

A lot of these I struggled to prioritize over another as my truthful answer is 'Do them all, now!' if you want great results.

However, there is some kind of logic to this which pretty much goes...

Mental stability --- Nutrition --- Intense training --- Recovery --- Tweaking

If you are struggling for results, then work your way down the ladder, ticking them off as you go. If you hit one that you are not adhering to, sort it out immediately and you will more than likely see results. If not move on to the next and the next.

1 - Set STORM goals which have solid emotional attachments

Specific, Timed, Operations-based, Relevant, Measurable.

Have you made sure you qualify for these goals and you know exactly what is required of you?

Are you willing to pay the price for this goal in terms of finances, time and sacrifice?

Try the Magic Hundred, like I do- it's revolutionised my approach to life!

2 - Eat lean protein, vegetables, healthy fats 95% of the time

This means eliminating coffee, alcohol and all processed sugars - FULL STOP.

3 - Perform heavy resistance training and / or metabolic resistance training,
involving all muscle groups 2-3 times per week

I prefer metabolic weight training as found in the Fat Loss Action Blueprint. It's fun, it's intense and it delivers great conditioning at the same time!

4 - Perform high intensity interval training and or sprint interval training 2-3 times per week

200-400m sprints are optimal if going by distance.

Alternatively, use time e.g 1 minute hard, 2 minute recovery pace x 8

5 - Drink 30-50ml of water per kilo (2lbs) of bodyweight every single day

Water has more power than Barack Obama - it rules EVERYTHING in your body.

6 - Eat 70-120g of lean protein every day

Small ladies towards 70g, big lads towards 120g

7 - Eat a protein based breakfast at home, everyday

Use eggs where possible or a good protein supplement, but try to avoid sugarry cereals even the 'healthy' ones which aren't such as Special K.

If you don't know how to make healthy breakfasts get 'Cooking For The Fitness Lifestyle'

8 - Make sure you really are busting your butt and sweating hard in your training sessions

You should struggle to finish a session - this means not giving up at the first sign of lactic acid!

Get a training partner who is fitter than you to make this happen!

9 - Ensure you are cutting your rest, adding weight or adding reps every single week

Sessions should get harder and more intense as you progress not easier!

10 - Restrict carbs to only after training sessions for recovery

Refuel your muscles ready for the next session, then let your body feed on fat at all other times.

11 - Fast 1-2 times per week for 24 hours

I do this regularly following the EatStopEat program.

I drink nothing but water for 24 hours once per week, which minimises my body fat and helps me clear out the few chemicals which do enter my body!

You'll love this program and it may just change your life and body - that's how much I value it.

12 - Make sure you are totally focused on short and intense rather than long and moderate paced aerobic exercise

Forget aerobics and long-runs. They're so 90's (said in high school cheerleader style).

13 - Add 10-15 minutes aerobic training at the end of each session

Intense training releases fatty acids into the bloodstream. Moderate paced cardio can then help burn this instantly.

Get to bed before 10.30 at least 4 times per week

14 - Have a deload week every 4 weeks to allow muscle recovery and regeneration

Recovery is where the magic happens. Constant bashing of your body will lead to backwards steps rather than forwards

15 - Make sure you are mildly (or very) anxious before training

Your last session should have you a little nervous about the next - believe me it's good for you as you know you're training hard enough!

16 - Eat only organic food

Less chemicals in the body mean less fuzz to prevent your internal systems working as they are designed to.

17 - Add fish oil supplements

Strong evidence to suggest this can help burn fat and keep everything healthy.

18 - Forget the irrelevant stuff!

Forget about very minor issues like walking up stairs instead of the elevator, chasing the dog around the park, chewing gum, drinking ice cold water etc!

Too much time is wasted on the things that account for such a small amount of calories that it doesn't really make any difference!


There you have it - the Fat Loss Results Ladder from Storm Force Fitness.

If you are tempted to skip rungs because they don't suit you, you have the answer right there to your fat loss problem!

You must be willing to make changes if you want to see changes.

The key - GET ON WITH IT!


Resources to help:

Magic Hundred - Goal Getting

Fat Loss Action Blueprint

Cooking For The Fitness Lifestyle

Eat Stop Eat - Intermittent fasting for fat loss


Anonymous said...

Hi Jon

Thanks for all the great articles. Can you clarify somethinig for me please?

I'm a bit confused by the recommendation 'Eat lean protein, vegetables, healthy fats 95% of the time'

If one should be consuming a very maximum of 120g of protein per day that leaves an extremely high amount of ones diet to be consumed in vegetables and healthy fats - approximately 1900kcals per day for an average man consuming 2500kcals per day in total.

Am i missing something?

Thanks again for all the helpful info.

Jon Le Tocq said...

Hey there,

Based on your requirements (assuming 2500kcal puts you in a calorie deficit, so your maintenance level is about 3000-3200 a sample day might look like this...

Let's say you've got your 120g of lean protein in the form of eggs, meat and fish spread over the day -equates to about 500kcal.

150g carbs after training to refuel (e.g.wholegrain rice) - 550 kcal

100g of each of kale, spinach, tomato and asparagus spread over the day - about 110 kcal

One avocado - about 300kcal

2 handfuls of 50g of nuts - 600kcal

And a shot glass and a halfs worth of olive or flax oil spread over your meals - 450kcal

This gives you your 2500kcal.

Very do-able with the only carbs coming after training.

These are rough numbers and obviously certain foods will add a bit to the protein levels.

The point is that eating over 120g isn't a problem and won't prevent fat loss but it won't really do anything more for muscle building.

You could go over to fill energy requirements but the point is not to gorge on it in the belief you will slap on lots more muscle!

For example the zone diet recommendations of 40:40:20 (percentages of carbs, protein and fat) would require you to eat more protein.

This advice is to stop people getting obsessed with protein intake and supplements here, there and everywhere!

Hope this helps,

Sandy Sommer, RKC said...

Jon, I think you communicate some great points. I've been eating using the Paleo Diet for Athletes; similar but not the same. I kill kettlebells fueling like that.

Jon Le Tocq said...

Cheers Sandy,

Do you have links to your methods - always interested to see variations!