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Monday, 6 October 2008

3 mistakes

Did you try the curry recipe I sent on Friday night?

Over the weekend I received quite a few emails asking for regular recipes so it must have tasted good - unfortunately I can't give away all the good stuff as that wouldn't be fair on my members at !

They have access to Burrito breakfast, Egg pot, Moroccan chicken, Turkey and apple burger, Amazing meatballs, Beef tacos, Tuna and kidney bean salad and many, many more recipes - and everyone of them is low in calories and VERY tasty!

So what mistakes are often made?

1) Did you enjoy the curry then got frustrated on Saturday because you were rushing around after the kids trying to get food ready? Why did you not just make more of the curry then have a healthy meal already prepared for the next day?

You can do this EVERY evening as a Storm Force member ensuring you don't have to buy salt-laden, fatty, mayo smothered sandwiches or pasta dishes from Marks and Spencer (or other good stores :-) )

2) You assume healthy food has to be boring. I've proven my point. I must admit I didn't have the curry - instead I knocked up a vegetarian roasted vegetable dish (with a sirloin steak) in 30 minutes from chopping board to plate!

3) You didn't have time to cook the curry because you spent over an hour in the gym after work then were too stressed out to relax and cook a nice meal. Why didn't you perform one of the 20 minute fat-blasting sessions on Storm Force Fitness then you could have done both AND got more results from your session?!

I really, really wish the people in this world who claim they don't have time to be healthy would just open their eyes!

For a one-off fee (less than a good night out and probably less than you spend at Starbucks each month) you can have access to the fastest, tasty, healthy recipes and the most time-efficient training I use for myself and my clients.

You get noticeable fat loss results, eat healthier food, can exercise at home in private or in the gym if you do like it AND have more time to enjoy life, showing off your new body to anyone who will look!

But hey, what do I know?

Jon - 5.5% body fat and never has to train for more than 45 minutes!

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