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Thursday, 23 October 2008

Amazing new fat loss research...

I heard some real ground breaking news today on the radio news.

Some no-doubt very well-paid scientists and researchers have found that eating your food too fast may well lead to weight gain.

I thought we knew this ten years ago.

And if we didn't, surely it's pretty damn obvious!

Stuff your face fast and you don't have time to feel full. As is usually the case with fat loss, it's a simple process.

The science behind is that we have a hormone which is released from our brain telling us we have eaten enough food and are full. This hormone usually takes around 20 minutes to be released so if you take time to chew food and digest it slowly over a good conversation you will realise you have had enough and stop eating.

Could this be the reason countries outside the western world don't have such high obesity rates?

They see meal times as a time to converse with family and relax rather than shovelling in food and drink like the Simpsons.

Another more complex reason I would suggest is that it is an all-round philosophy.

In the UK and Britain we are always stressed and rushing around. There is never enough time. Those who 'haven't got time' to slow themselves down and eat slowly are usually those who don't prepare food either (due to supposed lack of time) which leads them to eat processed, crappy ready meals.

As a trainer I always, always promote a new lifestyle rather than just a new diet or new training program because without an all round philosophy you will continue to struggle with many aspects of weight management.

Mess up on one and the rest will come tumbling down too!


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