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Monday, 27 October 2008

What happened in London?

I was in London this weekend on an awesome fitness marketing course to help me spread the word about and for a cheeky beer with friends.

(Yes I do drink the odd pint BECAUSE I EARN IT)

Three things happened which really made me think about how what is true and what our perceptions are, can be VERY different things!

1) One of the presenters on the course, Dax Moy is renowned for his inspirational methods and motivation techniques.

Now I'm not exactly short on motivation to get what I want in life, but Dax takes things to a new level and knows how to deliver a kick up the backside and I learnt a lot!

At lunch time all the attendees grabbed their food and sat down with each other to discuss business and what they had or hadn't done with theirs to that point. I stood there and thought why go through the discussions of 'maybe this' and 'we could that' and went a sat with Dax, who proceeded to open my eyes to many ways to help people better and develop myself and my business.

LESSON - Why struggle with ifs and maybes when you can go straight to what or who you know will get the job done?

2) I was in the Oxo tower in London being treated to a meal. I was sat next to a lady who struggled to fit in her chair.

She proceeded to tell her date / friend / husband how she was 'trying' to lose weight by walking to work each day. This was between mouthfuls of the 12oz sirloin with curly chips and garlic bread.

She then struggled to stand up, turned to me and said 'Excuse me can I get through?'

To which I nearly replied, "I doubt it"

LESSON: Trying to lose body fat involves trial and error. Actually losing body fat simply requires listening to those who are professionally qualified and can provide exact programs and systems which you KNOW will work.

3) I finally did something in London which has been on my mind for 3 years and caused many nights of upset! It's a personal thing and something which will stay between myself and I (as is often the case with the biggest challenges in life).

I also got the ball rolling on a top secret project which could change my life and those of the people who get involved within the next year! You will hear more as it develops but it has never been done before. Oooh the excitement!

LESSON: You need to take risks and persevere for the things which you value most in life and which pose the biggest challenges to you whether mental or physical. Sometimes the unknown will scare the life out of you as you can never be sure what the result will be. The risk will seem immense, but if the reward is enough, everything that goes into it becomes insignificant!

Jon, Storm Force Fitness

PS If you're ready to finally accept the challenge of not feeling flabby at Christmas....

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Caroline Radway said...
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Caroline Radway said...

Ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Did you really say that to her? Did you give her your card?

As Dax said about success in anything, we can all say we've tried everything but we've got to actually do something!