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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Jon v Dean Macey at Survival of the fittest

I raced an ex-Olympian on Saturday.

He didn't know I was gunning for him from the moment I heard he was taken part in the inaugural Men's Health Survival of the Fittest race in Nottingham, but I was!

When I spoke to Dean Macey (ex-Decathlete) after the race he said something about having not done too much training since he retired a couple of months ago.

But that was Olympic level training, and whilst he kept saying how he had never run more than 8km, as you know I hardly ever go running because of my dislike for joint-shattering, fat preserving aerobic exercise.

So what happened?

12.5km interspersed with assault courses, cold water, rope climbs etc. is what happened.

Would our training methods stand up against the 'Dean Machine' and the numerous triathletes who train specifically for running?

Final results (out of 882 finishers)

1 387 0:54:57 Simon Griffin
37 1142 1:02:50 Jon Le Tocq
113 1140 1:08:30 Dean Macey

Now I don't know about you but looking at those results and bearing in mind most people find 'cardio' boring, I'd rather train like we do at BodyClocq Personal Training and at , with shorter, more intense, fun sessions!

Mix up your sessions, make yourself work hard, and forget what you thought you knew about exercise and life will become so much more fulfilling!

If you want to win running races then yes you will need to run.

If you want to enjoy fitness, become a great all-rounder and be able to perform well in random fitness challenges of any sort, you know where to come. With some running training the difference between myself and the winner would have been much smaller but I have no interest.

I don't know why people make themselves use training methods they don't enjoy! It's a recipe for long-term failure.

You can either start listening to and working with people who have proven results, or you can keep reading about wonder diets and magic exercises in magazines.

I hope you're still filling in your nutrition diary from Friday - the weekend is always interesting when it comes to food and drink!


See me and Big Dean..

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